App doesn't start and I get "Flick Launcher doesn't pass security check closing"

This happens if Flick Launcher is installed from unofficial store. You can solve by delete this apps, delete Flick app's data. Enjoy it!

Is Google Now integrated?

Sure, Flick Launcher has Google Now integrated, just download companion app on this page Now Integration

I have the "Flick Now" companion app, how do updates work?

When a new update is out you need to manually download the new apk from our site, you can check update status on Telegram at Telegram or on FlickLauncher Settings->Integrations

I have the "Flick Now" companion app but I don't see Google Now page

You need to enabled Google Now Page, Go into Settings->Flick's Integrations and enable Google Now Feed.

Why get pro?

Switching to the Pro version gives you lots of new customization options! For example, Android O notification dots badge! (also with color personalization), new gesture, open Notification bar with gesture, open App Drawer with gesture, home key action, also with long press! And also supports our work!

Will it work on my device?

Flick Launcher is available from Android 5.0 Lollipop onwards!

I got a crash what can I do?

Keep calm, and try to restart your launcher, just go into Settings->Miscellaneous->Restart Fick Launcher If the problem persists, restart your phone. If you still keep getting the crash, contact us on Flick Launcher

Notification badges aren't working, what can I do?

Have you enabled notification access? Check it, just click on Settings->Icon->Allow notification count Have you enabled correct notification category (such as SMS, Phone Call etc...)? Check it, just click on Settings->Icon->Notification category

How can I enable new notification dots?

Check if you enabled notification access (both in system and in Flick Launcher settings), then tap on Settings->Notifications->Allow notification dots.

I have a feature request, how can I contact you?

Just send us an email at Flick Launcher , make sure to write in the subject "[FEATURE]" tag.

How do I set Flick Launcher as default Launcher?

Just go on Settings->Miscellaneous->Set Flick Launcher as default launcher, then click on Flick Launcher icon and check "always"

My phone keeps going back to my previous launcher, what can I do?

Make sure that Flick Launcher is set as default launcher, if not follow the instruction in the previous answer.

I found a bug, what can I do?

Contact us at Flick Launcher , make sure to write in the subject "[BUG]" tag, also please specify Android Version running on your phone, your phone model, the app version.

When will it be available for tablets?

When the app will be officially released.