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The Human-Machine Interface Revolution!

Why Is It Special

Easy to use

Our goal is to make the smartphone really smart! In fact, we offer the user many ways to access, customize and lock their own apps, as well as useful and easy to reach tools

User Experience Focused

We are very much concerned about the user experience, since Flick Launcher provides many customizations already basic. You will find gesture, notification badges, app security, page indicator, Folders, search bar, and all customizations of icons, home and The app drawer, and much more!


Our settings improve and make it easier our user experience. Find apps or perform actions will no longer be a problem with Flick Launcher!

Our Best Propositions for You!

With Nigel AGI a new path is paved for human-machine interface. Launchers today all attempt to make the discovery and presentation of apps. Some use creative tricks to help sort your app drawer - like using location data to learn which apps you use where. But at the end of the day, you as a person are still the one who have to manually operate your phone.

Flick Launcher with Nigel AGI gives the device the ability to think and understand what you are doing and what goals you are attempting to realize. Armed with that knowledge, Flick will automate the device in a variety of ways.

Awesome Features


Going to the Pro version gives you lots of more customizations! For example, Android O notification dots badge! new gesture, open notification bar with gesture, open app drawer with gesture, home key action, also with long press, proximity sensor gesture and much more!

Fast and Simple

With Flick Launcher your device will be much more fluid! Without sacrificing personalization. You will also find tools to save battery while using Flick Launcher!

Flick Now

Flick Launcher integrates Google Now feed! Just download this companion app and go into Flick Launcher Settings->Flick Integrations and Allow it!

Perfect Design

The design was designed to be very intuitive and not stress the UI too much.

Flick A Glance

Flick Launcher integrates At A Glance widget! Just download this companion app and go into Flick Launcher Widgets!


Support for our users is one of our strengths, we want to be close to users and know what they think of Flick.







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